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Giving to the College

Why Give?

Private support — gifts from Corporations, Foundations, Alumni, and friends of the University of Florida — is the mechanism by which our school has established itself as a state-assisted institution. Less than half of our budget is now provided by the state of Florida. This enables our university to set its own track of success by attracting the best students and faculty, providing funds for program improvement and facility enhancement, and securing monies for the general university endowment.

By giving to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you are providing support that will not only maintain the program of education you remember, but also improve the quality and competitiveness the College needs to compete nationally.

Whether you fund an endowed professorship or fellowship, an individual department, or the general fund, your money will make a difference and leave your mark on the college. Giving to the college allows you to take part in something you love, gives you some ownership of your alma mater, and helps create strong connections to campus. With this investment, you are cementing the foundation of education offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and enhancing its prestige.

Any gift you make is an investment, and most investment decisions include thought and discussion. Please contact the Office of Advancement to let us know how we can facilitate your decision.

Charitable Giving 101

Making charitable contributions is an art – a creative process that adapts to the changing needs and wishes of the donor. Charitable giving enables a donor to arrange contributions in ways that maximize his or her personal objectives while minimizing the after-tax cost. Depending on the asset given and the gift arrangement selected, a donor may expect to obtain some or all of the following benefits:

  • Fulfill philanthropic goals
  • Reduce income tax through a deduction for the gift
  • Avoid capital-gains tax on gifts of long-term appreciated property
  • Retain a stream of income for life