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Sarkis Anac

photo of business casual dressed manSarkis Anac ’08 has been giving back to UF since he graduated. He’s been consistent with his gifts but initially was conservative. “The market had just crashed when I graduated,” he says. “None of us had jobs or money. My giving did not exceed what I could afford.”

Today, Sarkis is a real estate executive in Miami. He is one of the owners of Anac Solutions, which focuses on property management and investment portfolios, and he is the founder of Anac Global Realty, which deals with residential and commercial real estate. “As I’ve become more successful, I’m able to give more,” he says. “It’s important you give what you feel comfortable with.”

His philanthropy is inspired by his undergraduate experience — he credits UF Liberal Arts and Sciences with ushering him into adulthood, teaching him life skills, introducing him to lifelong friends, and educating him about different people and places. “The university taught me a lot about myself and the world, and I wanted to give back to the school that gave me so much.”

To learn more how you also can give back, contact the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Office of Advancement at 352-294-1971 or