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“My awkward class presentations, early attempts at writing a coherent report, and struggles to best understand complex literature planted a seed and desire to learn more and get better. The skills I learned as an English major helped out a lot — critical thinking, writing, and understanding and interpreting the writing of others. Over the years, I have honed my ability to tell the story of our company and our brand and I feel this is rooted in the education I had in my undergraduate classes.

Christine Denny ’94 English, with Minors in Education and Anthropology M’00 Forest Resources and Conservation
Co-founder of First Magnitude Brewing Company

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“I learned a lot in my statistics classes about approaching quantitative questions from first principles and about being fundamentally skeptical about conclusions drawn from quantitative analyses.”

Mike Neal ’83 Economics
CEO and co-founder of DecisionNext

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“Overnight success took years. Good thing I paid attention in organic chemistry.”

Dr. Kathy Fields
’79 Interdisciplinary Studies
Co-founder of Rodan + Fields, #1 skincare brand in U.S.

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“What a liberal arts education does is teach you how to absorb information, how to distill that information into what you need that’s important, and it teaches you how to communicate that information. How can you ask for more than that?”

Amb. Dennis Hays ’76
Consultant, Hays Consulting

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“Anthropology has provided me with a global perspective and drive to seek ways in which my professional projects can positively impact my community and/or support other agencies or individuals in bettering theirs. I am particularly concerned with conservation
and social equality/human rights, and have a number of ongoing projects that speak directly to those issues.”

Corey Souza PhD’15 Anthropology
Owner/Operator of S-Connection LLC; director of Gainesville Circus Center and aerial troupe AscenDance

“Liberal Arts and Sciences gives me a big toolbox full of different perspectives to pull from and an amazing group of mentors and student researchers with whom I’ve had the good fortune to work.”

Beka Steorts PhD’12
Statistician, Duke University